Granulated pineapple peel

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🍃 Improve digestion and constipation with healthy foods, prepare it in hot water as an infusion.

How do you prepare it?

🍵 Easy! In 250 ml of hot water, add two teaspoons of Sensafruit® granulated pineapple peel, mix for three minutes and voila! Pamper yourself by adding your favorite fruits.

Remember 100% Natural.

Have a cup every morning.
🍃No added sugar
🍃No preservatives
🍃0% fat
🍃100% Natural, made only from fruits
🍃 fresh Colombian
🍃Take care of your body healthily while supporting Colombian agriculture
🍃 It is preserved for a year!, if you like it fresh, rehydrate it in hot water and that's it!
🍃Change that greasy snack for a fruit-based one!

🍓 Sensafruit ®️ dehydrated experts.

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Customer Reviews

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María José Erazo
Cáscara de piña

El producto es excelente el empaque debe mejorarse la bolsa no llego sellada y bastante producto se regó en la caja si es posible doble bolsa y verificar el sellado